Teak Folding Chair GFC-001

Code :GFC-006
Size (cm) :46 x 40 x 89
Volume (m3) : 0.05
Load (20′) :660
Load (40′) :1460



When you choose this Teak Folding Chair, you have two benefits: comfort and practicality. You can take the chair into an outdoor setting which you love, perhaps under the shade of a tree in a lush garden, unfold it and take a comfortable seat during the day. Even if you put it for so long, the teak wood from which it made does not wither with heat, rain or humid air. You can move it anytime inside conveniently inside because interior settings of course will be easily integrates its 46 x 40 x 89 dimension. That is why this chair will be the wisest decision for dynamic people.