Bistro Table 90 x 90 GFT-002

Code :GFT-002
Size (cm) :90 x 90 x 75
Volume (m3) : 0.10
Load (20′) :309
Load (40′) :700



You can put this Bistro Table 90 x 90 as a corner table in an indoor setting, put a vase of merchandise on it, and you can have the pleasant corner. But you can also out it amidst the garden, put a pot of rose flower on it, and you can have a richer garden. This 90 x 90 x 75 indeed had been designed to fit with any setting. This capability is achieved through the careful application of the soft finish. Other than giving the necessary protection against many kinds of condition in the air, the finish also functions as the powerful tool to retain the natural color and pattern of the teak wood.