Round Table Dia 120 (Hyatt) GFT-043

Code :GFT-043
Size (cm) :120 x 120 x 75
Volume (m3) :0.25
Load (20′) :120
Load (40′) :272



Although the slat of this Round Table Hyatt is measured only 120, the relative dimension with 75 in height makes it possible for you to put more heavy loads upon it. The teak wood material also adds to the strength of this table. Besides such practical aspects, this construction also gives you the lovely look of the tropical teak wood of the Indonesian forest. This is because the soft polish retains the color and the pattern of the teak wood. You can put it in your garden and need not to be worry with its construction since the teak wood is able to withstand excessive sunrays, heat, damp air and heavy rain.