Java Bench 130 x 55 Oval Back Top GFB-005

Code : GFB-010
Size (cm) : 180 x 55 x 80
Volume (m3) : 0.17
Load (20′) : 176
Load (40′) : 400



This Java Bench 130 x 55 offers a relaxed stance for you and your friend’s back when you sit and talk about anything. The 130 x 55 x 90 is crafted with ergonomics in mind so that you can rest assuredly that you will enjoy the sitting experience. The teak wood comes with as much as its natural condition as possible, like the intricate wood pattern that had been retained under the meticulous finish. When put in an outdoor setting like an open veranda or a garden, it is not important to move it inside when the weather looked like unfriendly.