Affordable Wicker Furniture

Outdoor patio or porch has been increasingly popular today. It is because what we used to have inside is available on the outside, such as outdoor living, outdoor kitchen even an outdoor dining room. Outdoor space is a today’s lifestyle. It is a place for enjoying outdoor weather as well as gathering space and contemplating retreat. Outdoor patio is not only about a place with wicker furniture and green plant, but also now, about the function and style has been developed into various type of outdoors.

Furniture is one of determining factor of your outdoors comfort. Outdoor furniture made from various materials is available to accomplish the spaces. Wicker furnishing, as mentioned before, is one of popular outdoor furniture. A set of patio made in wicker with soft cushions and small pillows seems a must-have item for every outdoor living. Therefore, many furniture stores and suppliers offers wicker made in wide ranges of materials. The materials are ranging from natural to synthetic. As we know, rattan is the most popular natural material. Its elasticity and strength creates beautiful selections of patio furniture.

On the other hand, most people use synthetic material today. Synthetic rattan is the most used, due to its affordability. The material resembles natural rattan that now increasingly rare. Many homeowners prefer to buy synthetic rattan because of its price. Otherwise, the furniture is quite durable although it is not an expensive piece for your outdoors. Synthetic rattan is a material made from plastic. The material is usually known as polyethylene. It is lightweight and elastic, so the material is preferred to be woven into wide ranges of wicker furniture. As mentioned before, synthetic material is generally durable, weatherproof and resistant to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is suitable to be used on the patio, porch or other outdoor spaces.