Eclectic Teak Patio Sets Garden Furniture

Eclectic style is not only related to fine arts fusion style. In interior design and architecture, the combination of traditional and modern styles also applies for residence. Eclectic refers to combine the best of what does already exist. Eclecticism is the style of selecting and combining the elements or styles that already exist in the form itself.

For example, combining modern elements in a dwelling with traditional accents, or exposed to a minimalist style with traditional accents. Traditional elements displayed will be the accentuation of what makes your home look unique. Traditional element does not mean old-fashioned since it is considered out-of-date. In combining two different styles does need a little ingenuity in mixing and matching. Eclectic style practical called “hit style.” However, you should not be carelessly combining the style. In your modern style house, ethnic accents can be displayed through the selection of accessories or furniture in traditional elements.

new castle1 300x2441 Eclectic Teak Patio Sets Garden FurnitureTypically, traditional and classical elements that arise from the sloping profile and the number of engravings that accompany. The modern minimalist home architecture will be more beautiful with garden furniture such as teak patio sets in the porch or backyard. To make the contrast of ethnic-modern increasingly felt, choose Indonesia furniture that rich of ethnic accent. Distinctive shape of Betawi chair or java table with amazing carving is suitable to appear the eclectic style. Nowadays people became interest in the eclectic style as it is fascinating and lack of monotonous impression