Furniture – Teak, Cherry, or Modern Era Materials?

When it comes to furniture, wood is the natural choice in most cases. However, the traditional definition of wood has changed completely with the coming up of new materials as a result of invention of new technologies.

So you have decided to set up wooden furniture in your house for interior decoration? Without doubt it is one of the best choices you have made. Yet the question remains as to what you think about wood.

The Tradition

Traditionally when one thinks about bare wood furniture the vision that naturally comes to him is the wooden logs stacked in the furniture shop or saw mills. Well, that was the past. The present is something different. What you think pure teak furniture could be something else that is engineered to the taste of the customers opting for affordable alternative to expensive teak.

Modern Materials

At the same time materials like leather is also used to day extensively to enhance the appeal of the traditional wooden furniture. They are blends of more than a single material unlike the past. In fact multiple materials are added to increase durability, resilience, appeal, and sometimes provide elasticity that is normally conspicuous by its absence in hard wood materials. Yet bare wood furniture is still very popular and used especially extensively for the items like dining sets as well as the arm chairs. And do not forget about the study tables either. Best of them are made with bare wood only.

Advantage of Quality Wooden Furniture

On the other hand the universal appeal of teak furniture is unquestionable. Furniture made of pure teak without any addition of other modern age materials is still very popular especially for show cases, dining and dressing tables and arm chairs. If you can afford there could be nothing better than real wood furniture. A natural product of beauty it can enhance any décor and theme that you might have going. In addition the greatest advantage of using well made qualitative wooden furniture is that it can maintain its luster longer than most other materials and are extremely durable. They can be polished to fantastic smoothness and can server generations in the family.

The Trade Off

The trade off mostly is that of quality and affordability. Consumers opt for alternatives most of the times since they cannot afford the expensive hard wood furniture but if you can afford them there could be nothing better. A host of varieties are available like teak furniture, cherry, maple, Malibu, mahogany, and beech and it mostly depends on the requirement and budget of the end user what he or she would choose.