How to Treat Teak Garden Furniture in Cold Months

An outdoor setting looks dull and empty if no furniture existed in it. Therefore, to complete green spaces with garden furniture is one of the pleasures and beauty added. Kinds of garden furniture might come up people’s mind but they must have their preference in selecting designs and materials. In term of materials, we could say teak, wrought iron, synthetic rattan, and plastic are the common one to produce as furniture or outdoor living. However, if you require nature blending, you could choose teak garden furniture for your outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture

Teak is the most favorite material to produce as garden furniture for people all around the world. Most of teak furniture is made from Asian countries such as Indonesia, Burma, India, and Malaysia. Indonesia, as one of the biggest teak furniture manufacturer and exporter countries in Asia, has taken a part in international teak furniture wholesale industry and no sign of stopping the distribution worldwide up to this moment.

Teak garden furniture is able to stand in any climate such as subtropical or tropical countries. However, in subtropical countries mainly in winter season or cold months, people spend most of the time inside the house. Therefore, their outdoor furniture is unused unless they have such as conservatory rooms. When cold month is going to come, you need to clean the furniture in order to find no damage of the goods after winter storage time.

Why teak garden furniture is able to experience damage in wintertime? This question might pop up in your mind. Furniture has many component such as the material and hardware installed. Hardware installed usually made of metal that is could experience rust patches. This will not be a matter since hardware is small and not so visible for people. Whilst for the furniture itself, clean the surface in order to avoid any mildew in storage time. Teak is durable and need less maintenance but to ensure you in storing time, you need to set everything out and you will glad on what you have done when the spring season is coming.