Lengkung Lounger GFR-004

Code :GFR-004
Size (cm) :210 x 65 x 29
Volume (m3) : 0.3
Load (20′) :100
Load (40′) :227



This uniquely designed and named Lengkung Lounger can give you more than just a relax moment in the morning or afternoon. The soft polish that had been applied to this 210 x 65 x 29 teak wood construction is smooth and can give you an experience. The natural pattern of the teak wood too had been retained under it. The teak wood comes directly from Indonesian rejuvenated tropical forest and the tropical nuance is made immortal with the brownish color of the wood retained. The teak wood is also famous for durability so that you can be sure that you need not to buy similar furniture in years to come.