Standart Lounger K.D GFR-005

Code :GFR-005
Size (cm) :200 x 65 x 29
Volume (m3) : 0.25
Load (20′) :120
Load (40′) :272



This 200 x 65 x 29 teak wood structure is not merely a longer. The Standart Lounger K.D is masterpiece furniture for your outdoor setting. You can put it in your garden for months and it retains its sturdiness as well as beauty amidst the excessive exposure toward heavy rain, sunrays, fungal growth and damp air. Thus you save more money in your wallet as well when you had purchased this lounger. And you can be sure to get the most optimum comfort when lounging with this lounger under the warm morning or evening sun. The structure is designed with full ergonomic.