Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Home living furniture made from hardwood probably the best wood furniture among others. It is including teak furniture, which is one of tropical hardwood. Teak furniture is very popular, especially in Indonesia, where teak wood largely grows in Indonesian forest. The popularity of teak furniture even throughout the world, make the demand even bigger. Therefore, the supply of teak wood is increasing over time. Teak wood material and teak furniture has been exported from Indonesia to many countries around the world. It cannot be denied that teak wood, both for raw material and finished goods, is an important commodities for the country, in which earn much money.

In the present days, environmental issue is largely spread, especially for deforestation and climate change. Massively deforestation in the past in order to fulfill all market demand creates new problems. It is causing bad impact for our environment. Due to these environmental problems, people look for new alternative to fulfill their necessity of wood. Reclaimed teak wood or recycled teak wood considers as a way to preserve nature. Instead of using new wood, using reclaimed teak wood is cheaper, because it is the wood is already treated and cut. The materials are usually taken from old wooden house constructions or used wood from old railway tracks. Before using reclaimed teak furniture becomes a trend, not many people will to use them. It is because using reclaimed teak wood considers not as strong as using new teak. In fact, old teak is even stronger than new wood, because reclaimed teak wood usually using old wood in bigger size and more sturdy. Besides, its durability has been proved in many years of the use previously.

Reclaimed teak furniture has been largely developed in the recent times. People begin to love reclaimed teak furniture as the love new teak wood. It is also associated with the issues of deforestation and environmental damages. People have begun to realize to use natural sources as wisely as possible, and reuse or recycling things enable to preserve nature as well. Wide ranges of reclaimed teak furniture from bed, wardrobe to dining table already accomplish many home living spaces. As mentioned before, reclaimed teak wood has been treated and cut before used in the earlier. However, reclaimed teak wood still have to be processed to make sure about it humidity. Therefore, this wood still has been kiln dried to obtain the certain number of moisture content. It is important to keep the wood in good condition.

The furniture also comes in variety of finishing, like weathered finishing. The finishing enriches the look of reclaimed teak furniture with silvery or grey patina colors. The finishing is inspired from outdoor furniture look when aging. The look is caused by the weather exposure, like excessive heat or hard rain. The finishing applies with eco friendly materials of finishing made by monocoate. These materials are obtained from tree oak sap refining process. It is the best finishing if you look for rustic style home design, both for indoor and outdoor furniture.