Recycled Teak Furniture – Reclaimed Teak and Old Wood furniture

recycled teak 199x300 Recycled Teak Furniture   Reclaimed Teak and Old Wood furnitureWhat kind of furniture do you wish to enhance the appearance of the house? Most people usually put wood furniture on their top list answer when they asked for this question.  Since wood Recycled Teak Furniture is an everlasting kind of furniture, even brings such a distinctive impression at home. Wood furniture is fitted to any kind of interior style and design, whether you choose traditional, classic, country or even simple and modern, wood furniture has it all. Simply choose which
one is suitable to your house.

One of distinctive wood furniture is recycled teak furniture. This old wood becomes alternative for furniture material due to the scarcity of quality wood or timber as raw material. Besides that, it also helps in natural preservation programs, because we do not need to cut down more trees to make furniture. Who would have thought that used material could be beautiful furniture and sold in high price?

There are a lot of furniture manufacturers produce this kind of furniture because this type of furniture has its own fans. Some people are willing to hunt for furniture made from recycled teak wood even it is on overseas. Commonly, the material uses old bearing wood from the railway track (or known as railways sleepers), or other old wood materials like from an old wooden house. This kind of old wood has distinctive characteristic, such as hard, durable, strength, stability and has its richness grain that looks more beautiful, even unpainted.

Beds, chairs, tables or even cabinets can be made from this unique and hard wood material. Reclaimed teak furniture usually heavier as the material used is commonly solid wood, probably two or third times of common furniture. However, it is certainly durable furniture; even it will last longer than we thought. Probably our grandchildren will have it in the future.

Teak Garden Indonesia is one of wood furniture manufacturer that provide quality reclaimed teak furniture fromrecyle table 300x169 Recycled Teak Furniture   Reclaimed Teak and Old Wood furniture Indonesia. We are focusing on export market including in teak outdoor furniture, teak garden and teak patio furniture, and teak accessories.  The material used is high-grade material also we kiln-dried and air-dried the material to get best result for highest requirements and specifications. The processes from wood selection, to the saw milling, preparing raw materials, component cutting, assembly, finishing, packing and loading, all done in real manufacturing facilities. All of
production processes that we do in accordance with export standard.

If you interested on recycled teak wood furniture do not hesitate to contact us for more detail about our collection. We will quick response you email or inquiry.