Story of Wicker Furniture

History of furniture has begun since very long time ago; when human start to use many kinds of furnishing to accommodate their activities in life. Furniture is made in variety of materials and types, so people are able to adjust it with their needs and preferences. Each material either type brings its distinctive characteristic and benefit also.  Wicker furniture is one of popular type of home furnishing, whether used for indoors or outdoors.

As written in its history, wicker has been used since many centuries ago, even since the ancient time. Wicker was very popular in ancient Egyptian civilization. They used it as basket, furniture, and others. The Egyptian was made it from reed and swap grasses that easily found at the bank of Nile River. Although it was made from grass, the wicker has excellent durability and flexibility. Therefore, the popularity of this distinctive furniture has passed to Rome. Then it quickly spread throughout Europe. Wicker furniture was one of important and popular outdoors in the Victorian period during the 19th century. As it was believed more hygienic than upholstered furniture, which also other popular furniture in that age. Wicker collects less dust that upholstered furnishings. Otherwise, it is also suitable for both interior and exterior.

Wicker today has reach its development for designs also materials used. As mentioned above, ancient Egyptian used swap grasses or reed to made wicker items. In the present day, many natural materials are used, even available wicker made from synthetic material. The materials used are rattan, banana stems, water hyacinth and others. Rattan is the most popular among other materials. Since rattan is getting rare, synthetic material is invented to substitute natural rattan. Each material presents its best to décor your home interior. Wicker furniture is not only distinctive and beautiful, but also durable and strong enough to accommodate all your activities in life.