Teak Deep Seating for Garden Luxury

Teak Garden Indonesia is one of furniture manufacturer and exporters here in Indonesia. They offers ranges of furniture for outdoor to meet local and worldwide market demand. One of the beautiful products provided by this company is teak deep seating, e.g Lenong, Kastil and Casio Collections.

Teak Deep Seating

Lenong Deep Seating is one of customers’ favorite that comes in colonial style. It has a 2-seater and a couple of 1-seater sections. This set is completed with an ottoman, side table and of course coffee table. If you love to have a book reading time accompanied with cookies and cup of tea, that would be easy to put them on side table while you straight your legs on the ottoman.

Kastil Deep Seating has the same pieces as Lenong collection with a 2-seater and a couple of 1-seater sections, completed with an ottoman, side table, and coffee table. Its name derived from ‘castle’ that is private fortified residence of a lord or noble. The castle style is shown from its vertical slat of backrest, as imitation of perfection and well-designed product. After the philosophy and function, this would be a smart decision for you in purchasing time of outdoor furniture.

Outdoor FurnitureCasio Deep Seating consists of three pieces of one-seat section.  Wide structure of this furnishing delivers comfort and luxury at one time. This item has unique design that can be seen from its curve back leg and ornamental backrest. For sure, having chit chat with the best friends by sitting on this collection will last for hours.

An outdoor setting may naturally give a challenge for homeowners but you do not have to worry since the answer will be teak deep seating presence. Its comfort is one of a kind as supported with thick cushions made of quality foam and fabric that makes garden will be more beautiful and functional.