Collapsible Outdoor Furniture

What is the perfect furniture if you have a party or great event such as a wedding or other ceremony? Of course you will not have sets of big leather sofa in it. As it is heavy, big and is not properly for temporary usage.  We need light furniture as well durable and strength enough.

Stacking chair is the right answer. This light collapsible chair is the appropriate furniture.  Trough many years of development, stacking chair is the most affordable chair for mass usage. As seen in many places such as hotel, office, restaurant or big building, stacking chairs is the most used chair.

gfc 014 300x3001 Collapsible Outdoor Furniture

The chair above is the most common shape of stacking chair. Its size is 43 x 58 x 88. One of the Indonesia furniture manufacturer, Teak Garden Indonesia, has produces these kinds of chair for many years. Through the years of experience, they have developed many shapes and design of stacking chairs. As seen the picture below.

gfc 004 300x3002 Collapsible Outdoor Furniture

Wave designed back end will provide more comfort to the person who is sitting on it. This chair design provides great design as well the ergonomic aspect for the customers. The size is 45 x 40 x 89. These varied size and design of stacking chair are presented by Teak Garden Indonesia, which also provide you other various outdoor furniture and garden furniture either.