FSC – TFT Certificate

Everyone knows that the FSC certificate is very important to the furniture factory. With an organization incorporated in the FSC, it means that the company cares for the environment.

As FSC certified shows that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards in the market. As public concern rises about the state of the world’s forests and wood resources, provides FSC will give you a simple solution to complex environmental and social issues.

The FSC label is an effective way to get public and consumer recognition of your responsible practices. This gives you credibility with customers and business partners, financial institutions and watchdog organizations.

FSC certification helps to protect your brand and reputation, and it allows you to tap very ecologically sensitive markets. Increasingly, governments and other organizations, FSC-certified products into its procurement policy. And because FSC is the only globally applicable standard, it is also the only standard that no obstacle to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) trade.

When a forest manager decides to become FSC certified, they must conform to all applicable FSC rules before earning FSC certification and the right to use the FSC label. Because managing forests the FSC way means following the highest social and environmental criteria, it often requires managers to adapt their management and operations. This is how FSC has a direct and permanent positive impact on the world’s forests and the people living from, in and around the forest.

We incorporated with PT. KOTA JATI FURINDO as FSC Certified Company, we ensure our production will be environmental friendly.