From Water to Wicker Furniture

Home furniture development allow us to see wide ranges of furniture made from various materials, whether natural or synthetic materials. Nature presents variety of materials that enable to be crated as attractive furniture. Wicker furniture reaches it popularity since many decades ago, but today the material used is not only rattan, but also more various and of the materials is water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth is free-floating perennial aquatic plant. It grows on water surface as much as one meter height. Water hyacinth natively grows in tropical and subtropical regions. The plant has broad, thick and glossy leaves. The plant grow rapidly, even water hyacinth is able to double their population only in two weeks. Therefore, at times it is considered as a weed.

Due to furniture development, water hyacinth is transformed into beautiful and distinctive furniture. The stems of the plant has been dried and taken for its fibers. Then the fibers are formed into strand of string each. Water hyacinth strings are woven into braided form used for variety of purposes, from bag, hat, home furniture and more pieces that are decorative and attractive. The utilization of water hyacinth for furniture and handicraft industry helps the environment also, because we are cleaning up the overpopulated plants from the water as well.

Many of furniture industry, especially who specialize in wicker furniture, use water hyacinth  beside rattan, banana leaves, kubu grey and other materials. The material considers as green material, due to the reason above. Therefore, it does not require any extensive process. The furniture usually use rattan or wood as frame then braided water hyacinth strings used to form the furniture. This variety of wicker furniture brings distinctive and natural looks in every home living spaces, whatever style and design of your home interior. It is green, Eco-friendly material and of course Eco-friendly furniture.