Wicker Furniture: Kubu Grey

Wicker furniture has been an alternative for indoor and outdoor furnishings recently. Due to the unique process and material of the furniture, people desire to put these pieces in their homes. There are many kinds of material for this furniture such as from rattan, banana, water hyacinth, synthetic rattan to bamboo.

It has also been known in historical era that wicker already existed for its technique has been used for thousand years.  Especially for kubu grey wicker furniture which has been there since Egyption civilization era. Kubu grey is made of grey color natural rattan that associated with Indonesian rattan furniture.

It is called kubu grey due its making process. The process of making kubu grey is with rattan soaking in a mud pool for some exact time approximately one month in order to get the best unique and beautiful grey result. The grey color somewhat becomes kubu looks elegant and special since people love to have this pieces as their furnishing for more graceful atmosphere. For the reason that kubu grey has original, one of a kind, and natural appearance, it makes kubu grey as important furniture to purchase. It is also a functional and purposeful not only for furniture but for basket or home accessories as well.

In term of furniture, kubu grey is able to be shaped and weaved into many sizes, dimensions, or models. There is no difficulty in creating design for this material since it can be formed easily. Many designs are created due to high demand of kubu grey from costumers for asking variation of this wicker furniture. Beside, it has affordable price for those who wants to have beautiful and stunning furniture with low budget. One more thing, since it is already natural color of grey, there is no need to paint the piece since there is no one dares to paint or require painted kubu grey.