Caring Your Wicker Furniture

In the present days, home furnishing comes in many varieties whether for the material used, designs or style. It is as well as wicker furniture that has developed into wide ranges of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Various type and design of home furnishing bring wide preferences for all homeowners to choose appropriate furniture for them.

Wicker Furniture Treatments

To keep them in good condition and extend the life of furniture, we should take particular time to care and treat the furniture in proper. Unlike wood furniture that is usually made in simple and sleek design, home furniture made in wicker  or cane has woven part. Therefore, it needs extra time to clean the furniture. There are some points to be considered when we clean our  furniture. It is to ensure that the furniture will not damage during the cleaning process.

To remove dust and dirt, clean the furniture regularly once a week with dry cloth. It is not recommended to use any chemicals. It is to prevent any damages caused by the chemical. Otherwise, the chemical may endanger both our environment and health. Wicker home furnishing usually has woven parts that difficult to clean from dust and dirt. It can be washed with water and mild detergent, brush it lightly, just to remove the dirt. After the cleaning process, wipe it with dry cloth to remove excess water. Dry the furniture outside if needed.

Wicker furnishing usually uses as patio or outdoor furniture, but keep them away from direct sunlight and rain enable to prevent damages. Otherwise, the color of furniture may fade away over years because of excessive heat or rain, refinish or repaint can be great idea to renew the look of the furniture. Other prevention of damages is using mixture of camphor and kerosene. The mixture is able to avoid termites. Spay the mixture over the furniture or use some to fill holes in your wicker furniture that made by termites.