Wicker Furniture for Hospitality Project

If you run hotel or hospitality business, you need to use the right strategies in order to make income by increasing coming of guests. There are many strategies that you can choose, one thing you can do is to fill it with the right furniture or decoration. In term of furniture, you can purchase the appropriate one to match with the building style and design.

Many people are doing green living at this moment. They want to adopt it as well when they need to stay one night or so in a hotel or inn. So that this is one of the hospitality businessman factor if they want to satisfy their guests. Today, there are many choices of green furnishing for indoor and outdoor furniture.  Some types of them are wood or wicker furniture.

Speaking of wicker furniture, one that you can achieve if you choose to use this type of furniture is that it can be use as outdoor and indoor furniture.  In term of material source,wicker is divided into two, natural and syntethic one. They have each own characteristics for placement setting.

The natural wicker- cane, rattan, or bamboo- has beautiful look for its fiber no matter what kind of the weaving  is. It is appropiate to stand up as indoor furniture rather than outdoor since it can not expose in outdoor condition over the time.  You can use natural wicker for lobby, restaurant or room furnishing.

While synthetic wicker furniture or often called as all weather wicker is able to be put in outdoor space all over the year as it is made of polyethylene-based manmade fiber. This kind of material leads the pieces will not fade from the sunlight or extreme weather. You can use synthetic wicker  for pool, garden, or porch furnishing.

In summary, you need to adjust the need of guests with your ability in beautify your building in order to make customers stay with comort and make them to come back again next time