Popular Outdoor Furniture; a Perfect Teak Bench

Simple, popular and perfect to any outdoor spaces, bench is a kind of everyone’s outdoor furniture. Even Tom Hank sat on wooden bench in the movie poster of Forrest Gump, and either else movie posters. Wooden bench, especially made from teak is often considered as simple and durable outdoors.

Bench was provided as common seating used in the past. It was because chairs were reserved for important people. For this reason, a term “chairman” is created. Wooden bench was made freestanding as it was fixed to the wall. It was made from wooden plank and supported by solid ends. Then the solid ends were connected by bracket to make it stronger. Another term of bench was referred also to a work surface. It is such as carpenter’s workbench.

Outdoor Furniture

In the present days, many outdoor spaces use teak bench in order to provide seating that allows more people to sit on it at the same time. There is bench on the garden, public outdoor spaces, playground and others. Benches has been changes in function. Teak bench has been developed also into wide ranges of designs and shapes. The variety is range from simple backless bench to a rounded wood bench as seen in the picture, which can be placed around the tree. What a great spot! A comfortable seating under the tree. All styles have similar line of design, which is simplicity and emphasized to the function. Today it is not only a wooden plank joined together, but also a simple to fancy seating made from various materials.

As mentioned before, teak is favorite material for outdoors and garden furniture, although there are other materials used for benches. Wood, wrought iron and aluminum perhaps the most common materials used for outdoor benches. These materials present quality and durability that required for outdoor furniture. Unlike wrought iron and aluminum, teak gives durability and beauty of natural impression.