Teak Outdoor Furniture: Factors to Consider before Purchasing

If you eager to complete your garden or outdoor space with teak furniture, there are some factors need to be considered before buying. These factors will help you to select the best products. This would be done in order to keep away from question afterward.  No one would raise questions because of their rush decision once making a purchase.

There are some factors to put you attention before buying teak outdoor furniture such as teak grade, construction, workmanship, moisture content, production process, and where the teak come from or source of teak.

Teak Outdoor FurnitureTeak Grade. Teak wood has three grades, from A, B to C. Each grade represents quality, colour, texture, knot visibility, durability, moisture content, teak trees part, and etc. Teak A grade has the finest quality as well as the others characteristics and considered as the worth 12 times of Grade C teak. Teak B grade has knot visibility that makes it lower in price compared to A grade. Whilst, Teak C grade almost has high moisture content and considered still living part. Therefore, if furniture stores offer cheap teak outdoor, you need to pay more attention for the quality from its grade before making decision in purchasing time.

Production Process. Proper production process affect the lifetime of final product, in this term is teak outdoor furniture. Furniture production processes consist of kiln dry, cutting, assembling, accessories and finishing. You do not have to worry about teak pieces that you want to buy if it is proved well produced. Just ensure that you have these information from the suppliers or shown in their product tag.

Construction & Workmanship.  Good quality of teak outdoor furniture shows clean and smooth surface, glue-free, and safe hardware installation. If you want to purchase furniture online, search for online stores that provide high quality photos then you can zoom and look at the furniture details to ensure the quality.

Teak Source.  Nowadays, some illegal log of teak made to be furniture to fulfil market demand. However, this affect nature balance and habitats which makes problems to mother earth.  Choose green furniture manufacturers that they took legal source of teak from well-managed plantation and TFT or FSC certificate as added value.