Teak Garden Bench for All

Benches are most the preferable outdoor furniture if you have leisure time in the park. Since benches are able to bring about a feeling of relaxing and enjoying the time, whether at home garden or public spaces. Teak garden bench is one of the most used furniture for outdoor, moreover, the furniture can be used for indoor purposes. Simply add with soft cushion, teak bench is ready to enhance your living room or other seating area at home.

Benches load more people in the same time, so it is the reason why the furniture has more value that is economical either more functional, as you do not have to provide many of outdoors, sor instance when having barbeque party. Commonly benches made of wood especially hardwood material because the material is perfectly used for outdoors. However, some other benches are made of other material such as metal, stone or synthetic materials. the variety of materials can be adjusted with home owners needs and preferences, as well as their budget.

Teak Garden Bench

Teak Garden Indonesia, which is teak furniture manufacture, presents wide ranges of garden furniture, including benches collections. It is ranging from banana bench, garden bench, java bench, small slat bench, marlboro bench, half moon, peanut, also swing bench. These all will enhance your garden, backyard either patio. The collection available in simple and distinctive design, some of them have arm and back rest, some others have backrest without arm.

For instance this picture above which is distinctively designed. This round shaped bench provides more space that allows people to sit around it. This type of teak garden bench is suitable for Public Park or Central Square in the downtown.  Otherwise, even it is not common, benches can use as indoors. This next picture of bench can be an option. Whether put it in the living room or foyer, and do not forget to add cushions and pillow with colorful upholstery.