Wicker Furniture as Good Choice

Besides wood, other material used for furniture is rattan. Wicker furniture made from rattan is famous and popular in the world. Rattan is common created as woven objects, such as basket, furniture and other home decoration. Although it is not as popular as wood furniture, rattan gives unique impression and many other benefits to home living spaces. Wicker rattan represents tropical ambiance because of its origin that from tropical countries.

Due to its characteristic, rattan is used in many home living spaces and even mass-used like for hospitality or others. Rattan is lightweight compared to wood or metal. Similar to wood, rattan is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Even though it has woven part, the furniture is easy to clean and maintain. Simply use soft cloth to remove all dust and stain on the surface. For the woven part, use small brush to clean it from dust. Repaint or apply varnish to the surface when the finishing starts to fade away.

Rattan is known for its flexibility. Therefore, rattan fiber can be woven into various object, including furniture. rattan itself is easy to be bent shaped, so rattan furniture comes in wide ranges of distinctive designs and styles. Even it is lightweight, flexible and easy to form, rattan is very durable. The furniture can last in a long time since it is made of natural fiber but now it has the plastic ones as well which the durability also proven. Durability factor cannot be put aside as nobody wants to spend much on something that is not going for through years.

A reason that people use the most when looking for home furniture is budget. Do not worry for it, because rattan furniture is affordable. Compare to the quality and durability, the price is quite inexpensive. The wicker furniture provides comfort in the house while it does not burn a hole on your pocket.