Wicker Furniture Materials

Wicker refers to hard woven fiber both natural and synthetic materials that formed into a firm material, which is usually used for furniture or else. Wicker furniture often reminds us to warm tropical ambiance of home interior. It is caused this type of furniture is usually made from rattan, which an endemic plant from tropical country like Indonesia. The furniture is stylish yet lightweight, therefore, different from wooden furniture, it can be easily to move and rearrange whenever you want. These following give you information about various materials that enable to be used for the furniture.

Natural rattan may the most popular among other materials that manufactured as wicker. Rattan gives you distinctive ambiance in the interior, as mentioned before it is stylish, natural as well as durable. Rattan is lightweight but it does not mean the material is fragile or unable to carry weight. Rattan even last longer, especially if it is used for indoor.

Water hyacinth is distinctive material used for wicker furnishing. Water hyacinth is a natural material that is from an aquatic plant, where usually found in tropical and sub tropical country. It is one of fast growing plant, therefore, water hyacinth considers as weed thus cause several environment problem. However, today people use the plant to take its fiber then produce into wide ranges of stunning wicker furniture.

Besides those natural materials, furniture manufacturers also use synthetic material. Synthetic rattan comes to give an alternative for wicker lovers. Synthetic rattan offers variety of product that cannot be provided from natural materials. Synthetic rattan furniture has wide ranges of colors, from bold to bright colors. It is certainly brighten up entire home interior.

Teak wood and aluminum are other materials that common to use as combination for wicker furniture. Usually these materials are used as frame of the furniture. The combinations even look stylish and distinctive. Teak wood or cast aluminum with natural rattan are available in wide ranges of furniture selection, both indoor and outdoor furniture.