Wicker Furniture And All About It

There are many kinds of furniture designs, types, and materials are brought to furniture market. Many of them love wood furniture, some of them adore woven fiber furniture, and others pick metal or plastic furniture. Speaking of wicker or woven furniture, it is one of the most wanted furniture because of its beauty lays on the weaving system.

Wicker furniture is furniture type made of wicker, a broad term for products woven of stems, branches, or vines. Commonly, wicker includes natural fiber such as rattan, cane, bamboo, abaca, or water hyacinth and the synthetic one of synthetic rattan. Each of these materials has uniqueness that makes them as main material for woven materials. For instance, rattan is a renewable resource that grows extremely fast to reach 30” in a day and rattan easy to maintain, shaped into furniture, and can be enjoyed for years.

Wicker furniture is proven durable as it is added with other materials such as wood or metal as the support or inside part. Moreover, it can stand by it own, for example: rattan and bamboo, since they have varied thickness of stems.

The process of wicker transform into furniture usually consists of three stages from framing as the process of bending and steaming natural fiber into shape as desired, weaving as weaving fibers to a pattern by hand, and finishing includes deburring (for rattan), sanding to staining. Each stage takes an important for making it as strong, durable, and quality furniture for years.

Wicker, natural and synthetic fiber, furniture makers are commonly found in Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. From the hand of woodworking experts, these exceptional materials are transformed into quality furniture such as seating sets, dining sets, or bed sets. In term of accessories, the sustainable fiber of wicker is made for baskets, ashtray, wall art, lamp, and dustbin and so on.