Wicker Furniture Treatments

Rattan or water hyacinth can be great wicker furniture for any home interior. The uniqueness of the material enriches the appearance of the room or house. Woven styled furniture is the best way to create natural impression that reminds us to Tropical Island. For some people, wicker furnishing creates new problems when cleaning, because the webbing is difficult to clean and wash. These difficulties avoid some wicker lover to purchase them for home interior or outdoor spaces.

In fact, rattan furniture is very flexible to be used for indoor or outdoor furniture. The furniture, however, needs different treatments for each purpose. Cleaning wicker furnishing can be easy to do even by yourself. Otherwise, cleaning it can lengthen the period of use. First, prepare some tool that used to clean your furniture such as toothbrush, paintbrush, various bristle brushes, and dowel that can be sharpened like a pencil. It needs lots of brush because wicker has plenty of gaps where dust and dirt difficult to remove. It enables to lessen the beauty of your furniture.

Indoor furniture may not as difficult to be cleaned like outdoor, because the space is protected from outdoor weathers. Although it is protected, there must be dust and dirt on your furniture, moreover after long period of use. First step is vacuuming the furniture to remove dust from the entire surface. Use brush for dust that difficult to be cleaned up. Simple mixture of ammonia and water is able to be cleaning solution, therefore no need to use harsh chemicals. Use small amount of water when clean it, as drench the furniture in the water may damage it. If you rinse it with a hose, dry the furniture quickly with absorbent cloth or towel.

Regular cleaning is able to do with small brush or vacuum cleaner. Wicker easily absorbs anything that spilled on to it. Therefore, clean it quickly with sponge or use liquid soap if necessary. Regular and simple care for your furniture is very important to your furniture to extend the durability also the beauty of your wicker furniture.