Teak Furniture Simple Treatments

Among other material for furniture, wood is the most popular of all. Its distinctive characteristics are the answer why people prefer to choose wood as their furniture.  Wood furniture, especially teak furniture is durable and stronger than other materials. Moreover, if you wish for a quality outdoors and garden furniture, mostly would recommend teak wood. Classic appearance of teak wood is also a reason why this material decorating all home interior through ages. Beside its everlasting looks, teak wood furniture needs particular treatments to keep it in good condition. If you are one of teak lovers, these following tips may help you in taking care of your furniture.

Teak FurnitureWell-polished teak coffee table may looks stunning in the living room, but spill of water or other liquid enable to cause stain. Your table will be difficult to clean if you do not quickly clean it, as the liquid will seep into the wood. Therefore, it is better to avoid any possible liquid on the table. Use coasters when serve drinks on the table. It protects your table as well as gives accent on it.

Dust and dirt enable to make your furniture looks weathered and dull. Well, it is not the appearance we are looking for, isn’t it? Use mini vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and dirt all over the furniture. If yours made with fully ornamented, use brush to clean it. Brush will help you to reach the most difficult part to clean. Use cleaner for wood bought from store if required.  Use damp cloth to wipe the furniture and clean it with wood cleaner to gain shiny wood furniture.

Unfinished teak furniture, such as outdoor furniture, may be cleaned with mixture of mild soap and warm water. Use cloth moistened with the mixture then wipes the furniture away, then dried the furniture quickly to prevent wood from absorbing much water that may damage the wood. These tips may not complete tips and trick to maintain your teak furniture. However, it may help you in light treatment to keep yours long lasting.