Teak Garden Furniture

To have backyard presents a challenge for homeowners in setting the areas to be beautiful designed yet functional. In term of design, it has to consist of colorful flowers, useful plantations, and garden accessories. In term of function, a need of open space for outdoor activities, parties, and relaxing time are can be done in the garden as well. You need to decorate the open space with useful garden furniture in order to optimize the need of outdoor setting and activities.

adirondack 300x200 Teak Garden Furniture   Talking about garden furniture, there are many kinds of material to produce as one. It can be wood, metal, wrought iron, synthetic fiber, or plastic. From many options here, people have their own selection in regards to garden furniture material but many of them have selected teak wood as the winning piece. Teak garden furniture has been decorated many outdoor living spaces, swimming pools, resorts, hotels, and restaurants all over the world. This is happened due to teak wood characteristics that make them as its benefits when transformed into garden furniture.

Teak Cross Dining ChairTeak, with its Latin name Tectona Grandis, has rich honey brown color and straight grain but occasionally wavy. It grows in Asian Countries such as Indonesia since it has been planted in many legal plantations and villages there. When it is turned to be furniture, teak is able to stand even in extreme weather, abandoned for the whole year, and/or need little maintenance. Thanks to the natural oil content and dense grain of teak, it resists to rot, strong and durable in all weather.

Teak garden furniture comes in many types such as benches, chairs, tables, deep seating, lounger and relax, swings or bar furniture. Each type of the piece is perfect to be placed in any outdoor setting such as backyard, lawn, garden, patios, or terraces. With all the characteristics that teak has, there is nothing to worry about if you opt to have one or so of the furniture type at your green areas. In summertime, you will able to host dinner, brunch, BBQ parties, or relaxing time at your beautiful setting outdoor area with functional furniture as completion touch.