Teak Garden Furniture

To have backyard presents a challenge for homeowners in setting the areas to be beautiful designed yet functional. In term of design, it has to consist of colorful flowers, useful plantations, and garden accessories. In term of function, a need of open space for outdoor activities, parties, and relaxing time are can be done in … Read more

Teak Furniture Simple Treatments

Among other material for furniture, wood is the most popular of all. Its distinctive characteristics are the answer why people prefer to choose wood as their furniture.  Wood furniture, especially teak furniture is durable and stronger than other materials. Moreover, if you wish for a quality outdoors and garden furniture, mostly would recommend teak wood. … Read more

Garden Furniture Made of Indonesian Teak Wood

It is always homeowners’ privilege to decorate their open spaces with outdoor furniture. Its presence is facility for them in having outdoor activities experiences. For instance, they will able to enjoy the breeze of summer in the morning while sipping a cup of coffee thank to their outdoor deep seating. Since then, outdoor furniture is … Read more

Teak Garden Bench for All

Benches are most the preferable outdoor furniture if you have leisure time in the park. Since benches are able to bring about a feeling of relaxing and enjoying the time, whether at home garden or public spaces. Teak garden bench is one of the most used furniture for outdoor, moreover, the furniture can be used … Read more

Teak Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Seating furniture is one of the most needed pieces for indoor and outdoor living. It can be deep seating, folding chairs, sofa, couches, daybeds etc. there are many kind of furniture you can use for outdoor living, but the most sought for open areas is teak outdoor furniture. If talking about teak outdoor furniture especially … Read more

Teak Outdoor Furniture with Quality

Having problem with outdoor furniture can be very frustrating, as we have to repair it or replace with new set of outdoors. Therefore, determining what kind of appropriate outdoor furniture can be very difficult in order to find one made from quality material. Teak can be a choice, as teak is known for its unique … Read more

Teak Deep Seating for Garden Luxury

Teak Garden Indonesia is one of furniture manufacturer and exporters here in Indonesia. They offers ranges of furniture for outdoor to meet local and worldwide market demand. One of the beautiful products provided by this company is teak deep seating, e.g Lenong, Kastil and Casio Collections. Lenong Deep Seating is one of customers’ favorite that … Read more

Fascinated Teak Dining Table

As people said, teak is never goes wrong to any type of home living furniture. Teak has distinctive characteristics, which are reasons why we use teak furniture. Since centuries ago, teak wood is known for its durability, strength, beauty, quality and resistance against any bad weather. This unique hardwood material is used for both indoor … Read more

How to Treat Teak Garden Furniture in Cold Months

An outdoor setting looks dull and empty if no furniture existed in it. Therefore, to complete green spaces with garden furniture is one of the pleasures and beauty added. Kinds of garden furniture might come up people’s mind but they must have their preference in selecting designs and materials. In term of materials, we could … Read more

Outdoor Teak Table for the Special Day

Do you have a plan for a family gathering on this weekend? Perhaps, you are planning for celebrating a special moment such as the kid’s birthday. It is definitely fabulous idea to spend a day with entire family and friends. Why do not use your own backyard instead of going to an expensive restaurant? These … Read more